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The Diocese of Coventry

The Diocese of Coventry represents the Church of England in Coventry and Warwickshire. With a network of 200 parishes, we have a Christian presence in every local community. We have a rich variety of people and traditions, and yet we are united in our shared mission of "worshipping God ...making new disciples ...transforming Communities".
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Our Diocese

The Diocesan Board of Education seeks to serve and equip the church school family in a variety of ways.  The Diocesan Director of Education, Canon Linda Wainscot, is supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced and well-regarded professionals who aim to:

  • ‘be there’ for our church school family and act as a central reference point supporting pastorally and professionally;
  • facilitate creative and flexible networking between schools;
  • promote excellence and distinctiveness within the family of church schools, academies and beyond;
  • share best practice collectively;
  • provide professional development: for staff at all stages of their careers and for governors;
  • support the development of flexible partnerships;
  • promote the establishment of new church schools;
  • support the process of academy conversion;
  • work in partnership with schools, and other agencies, to effect school improvement;
  • represent church schools to the wider church, to diocesan groups, in the press, and in public and community debate;
  • ensure equality of opportunity including managing admission appeals;
  • protect the status of church schools and promote the importance and the continuance of the voluntary sector.

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